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FMPSD Anti-Racism Statement

FMPSD Anti-Racism Statement

June 19, 2020

Like our global community, the Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) has been watching the protests in the United States, Canada and in our hometown. We acknowledge that black lives matter and as a Division stand against racism and discrimination. We rise to the challenge of looking within to do better. 

At our June Board meeting, the concensus was made to move forward in a strategic manner in order to be thorough and comprehensive in our approach to further enhance our priorities of safe, welcoming, caring, and respectful schools and to combat racism and discrimination. We are looking at policy; and are already drafting language. As your publicly elected officials, we will reach out to students, staff, parents, and community stakeholders to strive for continuous improvement. We will listen, learn, and improve. 

We believe in backing our words with action. FMPSD was the first local school board to adopt an LGBTQ policy in 2015. Our strong partnership with the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo is second to none as we provide English language supports, promote diversity, and stay front and centre in the community to promote inclusion. FMPSD is home to two faith schools, we have 84 languages and 76 countries represented in FMPSD. In addition, we have 36 Indigenous cultures. Embracing diversity is what we do daily. But, we will not rest on our laurels. We acknowledge there is important work to be done, and we will not shy away from it. 

To emphasize once again: We will listen, learn, and do better. Together in Doing What’s Best for our students, families, and staff.