Reminder: Technology is for Instructional Purposes ONLY

Dear  Parents/Guardians and Students:

Now that the warmer weather has arrived we want to take a moment to remind everyone about the School District's Appropriate Use of Technology Policy.
During the school day, all technology (cell phones, Ipads, lap tops, DS's etc), whether it is "school-owned" or "brought from home", is to be used for instructional purposes only.
Also, students are reminded that technology should not be brought outside during recess time. Students should be out moving around, playing, and socializing with others during recess. Any of these technology items should remain in the classroom or lockers during recess.
Occasionally, a teacher may allow a student to use technology to listen to music while doing seatwork. Listening to music is considered an instructional strategy that enables many students to concentrate better and complete their work.
Any use of technology in the classroom during school hours whether it is "school-owned" or "brought from home" is at the discretion of, and under the supervision of the teacher as long as it meets the instructional purposes guideline.
P200 prizes such as "IPAD for a Day" are permissable. Students may play games on them as long as it is during non-instructional time. i.e., When they are finished all their seat work and have extra time before the start of the next lesson. It could also be during the 11:20 -11:40 a.m. (gr. 1-6) or the 11:40 -12:00 noon (JH) time slots. Teachers can use their discretion here. 

1st offense - teacher takes away the technology and student receives it at the end of the day. Report incidence to the office.
2nd offense - teacher takes away technology, sends it to the office, and a parent must come to pick up the technology.
3rd offense - technology is taken away, a parent meeting is scheduled, and student not allowed to bring technology for the duration of the year.
The intent of this policy is to:
a)  lessen distractions and improve learning for students while in the classroom. 
b) improve the recess experience for students.
Should you have any further questions about this policy please contact me at the school.

Mr. Brian Mullally