Staffing Updated - 2017/2018 School Year

Greely Road Staffing for 2017/18


June 20, 2017



Dear Parents/Guardians:

Here are  the staffing assignments for 2017/18 at Greely Road School:

Principal: Mr. James Sedgwick


Head Secretary: Mrs. Jennifer Oxford




Grade 1 - Ms. Samantha Quarterman


Grade 2 - Mrs. Amy Attwood-Strickland


Grade ¾ - Ms. Brittany Eliuk


Grade ⅚ - Mrs. Lori Mercer-Stagg


LAC/ART/FNMI - Mrs. Lindsay FitzGerald



Educational Assistants to be announced as they are assigned to Greely Road School.


Head Custodian: Mrs. Pauline Perry

Custodians : Mrs. Bev Hepditch & Mrs. Michelle Newhook