Wax Museum & Zine Project

Greely Road students in Grades 3-6 participated in a unique (Maga)ZINE/ Wax Museum project on Friday, June 9.  The Zine project consisted of students creating a magazine consisting of topics of their choice. Students used this project to practice their writing and organizational skills.

In the Wax Museum project students chose a historical or pop culture figure (either past or present! ). Students researched this person then had to create a display that featured all the information found about their person of choice. Many students chose to come dressed as their historical figure for added effect! During Friday's  activity students were able to talk about their characters to parents thus sharpening their oral presentation skills.
Some of the historical/pop culture figures students chose to depict included:
Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, Michael Jackson, and John F. Kennedy, 
Thanks to Mrs. Attwood-Strickland and Mrs. Mercer-Stagg for organizing this activity. Thanks also to all the parents who came by to view their children's projects!